Bravoprodigy BC100

Bravoprodigy BC100

The Desktop rotary CNC router / engraving machine with a rotating axis Y; it is the smallest rotary model in many CNC machines; it has the most compact shape and small size and can be used flexibly in various spaces and environments.

It can be used for office, workshop, company, factory, school classroom, etc., which is equipped with functions such as safety, dust prevention, noise reduction, etc. but for the small body can make large diameter works which is a big breakthrough and can support bitmap files. (such as *.jpg), vector image files (such as *.dxf), 3D model files (such as *.stl), easy for teaching and personal use.

Make it the mini-rotary CNC router / engraving machine with the highest CP value.




Machine Size 390 x 400 x 425 mm
Engraving Length 180mm
Clamping Diameter Max. ∅75mm (3 inch)
Jaw Chuck:Positive Jaws: ∅4mm ~ ∅22mm (Optional)
Reverse Jaws: ∅22mm~ ∅50mm
Rotary Collet Set: Clamping range: ∅6mm
Plum Blossom Thimble: ∅12 mm or more
Table Load Weight Max. 2 KGS
Spindle Motor 150W DC Brushless Motor
Spindle Speed Max. 20,000 rpm
Net Weight 18 kgs