Bravoprodigy BE3000

Bravoprodigy BE3000

The desktop CNC router / engraving machine features an aluminum alloy case, and strong structure with high stability.

Customers can purchase anti-dust box for optional to dustproof and soundproof. Machine will come with software, easy to learn and suitable for beginners, semi-professionals, professionals and hobbyists to explore no-limited possibilities.

This mini desktop CNC model is definitely the best choice for you.




Machine Size L 540 x W 530 x H 530 mm
Engraving Area X 300 x Y 300 x Z 100 mm
Table Size X 450 x Y 440 mm (17.7 x 17.3 inch)
Table Load Weight Max. 5 kgs
Spindle Motor 200W DC Brushless Motor
Spindle Speed Max. 20,000 rpm
Net Weight 35.75 kgs