Bravoprodigy BE4036

Bravoprodigy BE4036

The desktop CNC router/engraving machine, a smaller gantry CNC model, can achieve the same quality in terms of mechanical resolution as the BE4060 / BE5070 model, which means you can get the same quality at lower costs with this machine. All wiring is wrapped inside the case, making it safer and more pleasant. It is the absolute best choice for DIY customers. It is suitable to engrave with acrylic and ABS, plastic, wood, foam, wax model, styrofoam, EVA foam, epoxy, rubber, soft metals, PCB, etc… It is a must machine for beginners to operate of gantry CNC machining.


Machine Size L 640 x W 620 x H 430 mm
Engraving Area X 410 x Y 460 x Z 70 mm
Table Size X 554 x Y 600 mm (21.8 x 23.5 inch)
Table Load Weight Max. 15 kgs
Spindle Motor 200W Brushless DC Motor
Spindle Speed The spindle speed is adjustable.
Also, the maximum spindle speed is 20,000 RPM.
Net Weight 44 kgs