Bravoprodigy BE3222

Bravoprodigy BE3222

The Mini CNC router/Mini CNC Engraving Machine features the modular assembly for its sheet metal accessories, a fully cover and protection starts when the cover opens. The machine comes with a CNC control system and an EDIT software, which can do both 2D and 3D milling and engraving. It is suitable to engrave acrylic and ABS, plastic, wood, foam, wax model, styrofoam, EVA foam, epoxy, rubber, soft metals, PCB, etc. This model brings you into the CNC engraving field easily.


Machine Size L 535 x W 530 x H 430 mm
Engraving Area X 360 x Y 260 x Z 76 mm
Table Size X 440 x Y 250 mm
Table Load Weight Max. 5 kgs
Spindle Motor 200W DC Brushless Motor
Spindle Speed Max. 20,000 rpm
Net Weight 36 kgs