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Compact and Handy / Easy to Carry Around

GM150 is a Flexible Shaft Grinder specially designed for beginners and professional users. It can maintain high torque when operating at low speed; the forward and reverse functions can be switched while operating, allowing users to perform polishing, grinding and drilling on various materials as they like. Built-in variable speed adjustment button and RPM tachometer allow users to adjust speed according to experience and record the parameter for later use. With a foot switch, there is no need to turn on and off manually which makes the work more flexible.

Easily enjoy the fun and creative applications of engraving, cutting, drilling, grinding, polishing on various materials such as wood, glass, leather, stone, etc. It is an essential tool for professional carpentry, metalworking, ironworkers, craftsmen and amateurs, professional carving and grinding.


Our Handpiece:
Parts apply precision turning and milling technology and use bearings for high-speed rpm.
Achieve high concentricity so the tool can run for a long time without overheating.

Extreme labor-saving structure design reduce up to 70% of force compares to traditional hand carving.

Keep high torque at low RPM.
Improve hand numbness and heating caused by excessive vibration from the handpiece.




Chuck Style Handpieces:
Good concentricity and grooved grip design provide stable and smooth use for prolonged use. The user experience is better than other brands. Assemble with standard three-jaw chuck and clamping tool shank diameter from 2 to 4 mm. ( 3/8 to 1-1/2 inches)


Reciprocating Power Chisel Handpiece:
Exclusive patented labor-saving structure. To do a good job, an artisan needs the best tools. The recommended optimal speed is 5,000 ~ 8,000 RPM to operate in forward mode.


Collet Style Handpiece:
The tool can fit with 3mm, 6mm, 1/8”, or 1/4” accessories when using different size collets.

DC24V Brushless Motor

• Brushless motor control with electronic control compensation. Maintaining high torque from low to high speeds.
• Low noise. Energy efficient. Super long lifespan.
• Brushless motor. No brush. No pollution. No maintenance needed.
• Low electromagnetic waves. Low electromagnetic wave interference.
• No brush contact with the motor, therefore no sparks while operating.
• Instant run and stop. Stop running immediately after turning off when operating with the on/off foot Switch.
• Power supply will activate overload protection while operating at intense load.

Forward and reverse rotation quick switch

Forward and reverse rotation can be switched with one button while the motor is still running without stopping the motor first. Convenient to adjust and easy to use.

Here are the advantages of reverse rotation:
• Left-handed users will have better control in the reverse direction.
• Dust and debris flies away in reverse for right handed users.
• Operate in reverse helps with accomplishing symmetrical grinding and carving techniques.
• When drill bits are stuck, using in reverse is good for “backing out”
• Alternating motor direction makes it easier and faster when polish metals.

Built-in Variable Speed Controller Dial

Easy to adjust to a desired speed. This speed controller is a built-in device, therefore no need to purchase extra. Sturdy and aesthetic design knob offers smooth and responsive variable speed control.

RPM tachometer

Make your operation more accurate. Know the exact speed at the moment, without the need to guess the speed.

Flex Shaft

Spare parts are all precision machined and high concentricity results in longer lifespan. Standard flexible shaft length up to 120cm (47.24”).

Bench Top Motor Housing with hanger

Motor can be placed on a table or hang on a rack securely. Attached hanger is durable and easy to hang.

Handpiece holder

The handle is easy to store in its dedicated holder during or after use. Lightweight and compact design allows you to carry around to any workplace easily.

On/off foot Switch

When some work requires the use of both hands, having a foot Switch will make the work more flexible.

Using electronic signal control, it will stop immediately once turn off which is safer to use and ideal for delicate work.

Hands-free on/off foot Switch and the ergonomic pedal angle provides a comfortable using experience. This is not only reducing the risk of injury under prolonged use, but also avoids fatigue after using for a long period of time.

Optional Tool Case

This tool case not only makes it easy to store and protect tools but also increases work efficiency when tools are easy to access.

Ideal for teaching:
Approachable design and easy to use. No pressure for beginners to use.
Safe, lightweight, suitable for woodworking teaching in schools and studios.

Quality guarantee

1 year warranty for motor.
Lifetime repair guarantee.
Made in Taiwan.


Motor DC 24V Brushless Motor
Power 150W
RPM 3,000~ 22,000 RPM
Voltage 110V/120V, 3A, 50/60Hz
220V/240VAC, 1.7A, 50/60Hz

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