Slitter for foil

Slitter for foil

NISHIMURA MFG. Co., Ltd. is the company which manufactured the slitter machine first in Japan.

“TG-104” is the slitter machine for electrode materials of lithium batteries (aluminum foil coating and copper foil + special coating), and thick materials. ( straight cutting)


1) the knife diameter is φ100, and adopts cutter unit way.

2) cut down the burr with using special gang-cut.

3) for both side after slitting, the dust attraction is is equipped.


NISHIMURA MFG Co., Ltd also manufactures the slitting machines for films, paper, and bonded textiles.


Material width Max. 650 mm
Rewind diameter Max.φ450 mm
Rewind shaft OD φ3 inch
Slitting width Min. 40 mm
Machine speed 50 m/min.
Unwind diameter φ700 mm
Cutting method Straight special shear cutting