Bravoprodigy BC250

Bravoprodigy BC250

The Desktop Cylinder CNC router / engraving machine with a rotating axis Y which is screw-driven with a high positioning accuracy and stability, specializes in carving cylinder or cubic workpieces, it can even mill irregularly shaped workpieces into a cylinder.

Generally used in small or medium woodworking projects, ornaments ,furniture, and commodities. Software also comes with hundreds of sample images.

Machine is compatible with most format files and CAM software. As for milling and 3D modeling, this will be a must model.




Machine Size 880 x 376 x 610 mm
Engraving Length Fixed Thimble : 500mm (20 inch)
Jaw Chuck : 470mm (20 inch)
Clamping Diameter Max. Ø 200mm (8 inch) for Fixed Thimble *Note : Diameter clamped for Jaw Chuck
Positive Jaws: ∅4mm ~ ∅30mm
Reverse Jaws: ∅30mm~ ∅65mm
Table Load Weight Max. 10 KGS
Spindle Motor 200W DC Brushless Motor
Spindle Speed Max. 20,000 rpm
Net Weight 63.5 kgs