Bravoprodigy BE7090

Bravoprodigy BE7090

The gantry CNC router/engraving machine, assembled with aluminum alloy frames, screw-driven, high positioning accuracy, and stability. The machine comes with a CNC control system and software. It is compatible with other CAM software and helping users to do processing and manufacturing samples, products, wood artworks, or models. It is not limited to applications in industries. It is suitable to engrave with acrylic and ABS, plastic, wood, foam, wax model, styrofoam, EVA foam, epoxy, rubber, soft metals, PCB, etc… Realize your dream to be an engraving master.


Machine Size L 1050 x W 1146 x H 678 mm
Engraving Area X 710 x Y 900 x Z 150 mm
Table Size X 885 x Y 1050 mm (34.8 x 41.3 inch)
Table Load Weight Max. 20 kgs
Spindle Motor E350W Brushless DC Motor
Spindle Speed The spindle speed is adjustable.
Also, the maximum spindle speed is 20,000 RPM.
Net Weight (Machine Only) 100 kgs